Topcon Mobile Mapper and 3D Field Scanner

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  • IP-S2 Mobile Survey System

    - Fast, cost effective, accurate, and comprehensive spatial data collection solution for GIS & digital mapping applications.
    - Captures Geo-referenced, Time-stamped Point Clouds and Video Imagery.
    - High-precision Dual-frequency GNSS Tracking.
    - IMU-assisted Continuous Navigation.
    - 3D Profile Scanning of Roadside Features.
    - 360 Camera for Spherical Image Capture.

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  • IP-S2 Lite Mobile Mapping System

    - The IP-S2 Lite captures video and spatial information while driving a vehicle.
    - Integrates 3D Video Image with GIS Database through Active Linkage with GIS Software.
    - Captures 360 Video with Positional Information While Driving.
    - Camera Vector Technology Assigns 3D.
    - Coordinates to Video Images.
    - Measurements can be taken on Video Screen.
    - Generates 3D CG of Roadside Features.
    - Overlays 3D CG on Video Image.

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  • GLS-1500 3D Laser Scanner

    - All-in-one Solution for Superior Mobility with Built-in Digital Camera.
    - High-speed Scan with 30,000 points/second.
    - Topcon Precise Scan Technology provides Clean, Ultra-Low-Noise Scan Data.
    - Long-Range 500m, 4mm Distance Accuracy at 150m.
    - Quick Sighting with Jog Dial Controls.
    - ScanMaster Software for Powerful Data Processing.
    - Presents Photo-realistic Point Clouds.
    - Remote Control via Wireless LAN.

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