Sokkia Auto Levels, Digital Levels and Theodolites

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  • Automatic Levels

    - Precise, Reliable Automatic Compensator to ensure accuracy & stability even in temperature change.
    - Superior Telescope provides bright & sharp view with ultra short focus distance of 20cm (7.9in).
    - Quick Collimation with two knobs of endless horizontal motion.
    - Horizontal angle measurement can be read in 1 gon unit or 1 degree.
    - Stadia lines on the reticle allow distance measurements.
    - Rapid, Easy to Adjust & Setup.
    - Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry.

    Auto Level Brochure
  • Digital Levels

    - Height and distance are simultaneously measured Saving measurement time by upto 40%
    - Superior measurement capability with brightness at staff surface is as low as 20 lux.
    - Intelligent Auto Focus seamless switching between Autofocus and Manual.
    - Measurement and recording programs with up to date data memory and interface.
    - New super-invar staff for 2mm precision with Dual-Axis Tilt Sensor.
    - 100m(320 ft) Bluetooth Wireless Modem (Optional).
    - Automatically recognizes directions of RAB-Code staffs and displays the results.
    - Innovative "Wave-and-Read" technology provides an additional survey style option.

    Digital Level Brochure
  • Digital Theodolites

    - 2.5" - unsurpassed telescope resolving power 0.4mm@10m - ultra-small beam spot.
    - 200m (660ft) long-range laser pointer with ultra-small beam spot of 0.4mm@10m.
    - Built-in coaxial laser pointers that maximizes construction work efficiency.
    - IP66 - industry's highest dust/water protection.
    - Advance absolute encoder system.
    - Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry.
    - Upto 170 hours of operating time with power saving technology to save battery cost.

    Theodolite Level Brochure