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  • LP Leveling Laser

    - Single grade laser plane with Upto 500m working range.
    - Horizontal accuracy upto 15 arc seconds.
    - Compact, Lightweight, Yet Rugged.
    - Highly-reliable, High-speed Self-leveling.
    - H.I. Alert prevents false readings.
    - Visible red laser makes laser projection clearly visible even at a distance.
    - LR200 advanced detector provides outstanding functionality and versatility.

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  • SP1 Pipe Laser

    - High precision in grade settings to 0.001% increments over a range of -15 to +40%.
    - Slanted control panel provides easy viewing and operation in any situation.
    - User friendly controls.
    - Long power backup of upto 70hrs & Swappable battery.
    - Complete waterproof aluminium body to survive an accidental submersion in water.
    - High-intensity laser diode to improve spot visibility even under sunlit conditions.
    - SPRC1 remote controller with 200m (660ft.) range equipped as standard.

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  • SDG1 Dual Grade Laser

    - Auto controls the tilt of the rotating axis by constantly monitoring its inclination.
    - Maintain accurate laser plane despite variations in environmental factors.
    - Highest levelling repeatability in the industry of 5 arc seconds.
    - Dual-grade plane ranges from -10% to +10% in the X axis and from -5% to +25% in the Y axis.
    - Provides working range of 800m (2,620 ft.) in diameter with the LR200 standard detector.
    - Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry.
    - Full Wireless Control with LRC6 standard remote controller with same display and keys.

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  • Crossline Laser

    - Projects upto four vertical lines, a 360 horizontal line, as well as a plumb down beam.
    - High intensity laser diodes & advanced optical technology provide extremely bright laser lines.
    - Electronic self-levelling mechanism provides more stable lines even in sites subject to vibration.
    - Operating range up to 40m (130ft.) for exterior or general construction applications.
    - Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry.
    - Wireless control allows remote selection of horizontal and vertical lines, line-lock & detector mode.
    - Four blinking blue LEDs easily locate the instrument in dim light & all lines are turned off condition.

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  • Data Collector

    - Touch Screen to Full alphanumeric 55 keys keyboard data collector.
    - Windows Mobile 6.5.
    - 806MHz CPU, 256MB SDRAM, Memory upto 16 GB, Bluetooth Class 2 Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g.
    - 3.7 inch VGA color TFT (640 x 480) Sunlight-readable.
    - Long battery life, Less battery recharging time.
    - Compact, Lightweight & Rugged design makes it easy to carry.
    - IP66 dust/water resistant housing protects against powder dust and sudden showers.
    - Built-in GIS Applications with 5.17 MP CMOS image sensor.

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